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The faculty of management under the name of Administrative science(MAS) institute , according to integration between Tehran and southern California universities for sake of developing and training directors for running state and private related sectors was established in Tehran faculty of law in 1334 AD. And it began to strive with the participation of a group of American professors. In September of 1334 its leadership was left to Iranian professors and experts and it was renamed to Management and Administration science institute. in the period 1343-44 academic year with approval of university association and confirmation of central association of universities, this scientific institute upon renaming to Administrative Science and Business Administration faculty carried on its researching and educating endeavor.

Since the September of 1334 its leadership has been left to Iranian professors and experts and it has been renamed to Management and Administration science institute.

The Administrative Science and Business administration faculty of University of Tehran has been involved in training students in Bachelor's degree in the majors of Administrative Science and Business Administration and also in master's degree in Discipline of Public Administration , Business Administration and Accounting majors since 1343.And in 1347 the Bachelor's degree of accounting and in 1354-55 the PHD of Business Administration and in 1362 the Bachelor's degree of Industrial Management and in 1366 the Bachelor's degree of Insurance Management were added to the previous ones. And also in 1367 after Cultural Revolution the PhD of Administration get returned once more. Based on approval of the association of Tehran university dated on January of 1378 and afterwards according to ratification of the association of higher education extension the name of Administrative Science and Business Administration faculty was renamed to Administration faculty of Tehran university. At present this faculty owns 72 full time working scientific faculty members . under the patronage of Supreme leader's emphasis on extension of scientific movement in country and for the purpose of expansion of cultural and educational area , Administration faculty considering infiniteness of different majors of Administration and its abilities relevant to the society and its mission on researching , training , and cultural fields in order to promotion of university mission targets and through the shortage of facilities and equipment and for not having sufficient and vacant space that has hindered to reach fulfilment of objectives and also for the reason of necessity ,this faculty has taken measures to create the newly built Imam Reza building all financed by cultural foundation of Mosallanejad . And it hasn't had any financial burden for university and faculty. And also according to the essentiality of exercising and students' ,staff's and professors' health ,with pursuit of board of faculty directors and with help of the city hall of the 6th district of Tehran, A multipurpose gym under the title of administration faculty martyrs in south western side of faculty has been established.

At present this faculty contains the educational groups of Accounting , Business Administration , public Administration , insurance and financial management , Industrial Management , Human Resource management , Islamic Management studies , information Technology Management , Media management , and MBA.