Research Department

The Faculty Affairs Department is responsible for the following tasks:Carrying out all matters related to research projects

  • Approval and termination of research projects until notified to the executor

  • Approval and termination of dissertation support plans until notified to the executor

  • Review and approval of the final report of research projects

  • Supervising the conclusion of research projects

  • Supervising and collecting information and plans of different units of the research deputy and compiling the record and annual plan of the research deputy

  • Review and rating the special credit (grant) of the faculty members

  • Perform all matters related to the cost of special credit

  • Carrying out affairs related to research missions

  • Doing research related to doctoral students

  • Holding regular meetings of the Faculty Research Council

  • Doing things related to the scientific trips of the faculty members

  • Carrying out affairs related to holding annual research festivals of universities and colleges

  • Carrying out matters related to holding an exhibition of research achievements of the faculty

  • Planning for students to visit organizations, scientific and industrial centers and centers and other cases as appropriate

  • Holding specialized seminars and scientific workshops

  • Introducing students to research centers for research and centers supporting dissertations outside the contract