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Center for Applied Management Research

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Center for Applied Management Research

Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, in order to solve the executive problems of organizations, companies and industries in 1991. He set up a research office to conduct applied management research. Since 1999. The office was upgraded to an applied research center and in 2003. It also received permission from the Higher Education Development Council. Applied research center, based on the order of organizations, companies and industries of the country, operates in the following areas:

  1. Conducting applied management research;

  2. Provide specialized management advice;

  3. Provide short-term training and specialized management seminars.

According to its goals and missions, the center deals with research, training and consulting in the following areas: design and reform of organizational structure, re-engineering of work processes, marketing research, organizational pathology, educational needs assessment, human resource management, Design and implementation of management information systems, feasibility studies of industrial projects, design of organizational performance evaluation system, employees and managers, establishment of quality management systems and  ISO .

Research activities

Some of the research projects done are as follows:

  • Development of principles, policies, strategies and strategies to promote administrative health (commissioned by the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution)

  • Assessing corruption and administrative health in the field of work of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare and providing solutions to promote administrative health

  • Designing and compiling a comprehensive entrepreneurship database;

  • Designing and compiling the identification of influential factors in the integration of the Planning Management Organization and the Deputy Governor of Isfahan in Isfahan;

  • Designing and compiling training plans for human resources in the telecommunication company;

  • Review of the current structure and structure of the Ministry of Education;

  • Investigating the organizational structure of the metal industry department of the National Iranian Steel Industrial Group;

  • Investigation of organizational system and structure of Tehran University;

  • Financial recognition of Khuzestan Steel Company;

  • Designing a sugar and sugar transportation model in the Commercial Services Development Company;

  • Developing a strategy for concentrating minerals in Yazd province;

  • Designing a management development system in the country and designing its main support systems;

  • Review and recognition of the current state of the student affairs information system of the University of Tehran;

  • Training needs assessment of postal company employees;

  • Assessing the level of customer satisfaction with customs and its effective factors;

  • Performance evaluation system of Tehran Agricultural Bank branches;

  • Organizational pathology of Tehran Province Telecommunication Company;

  • Development of detailed structure and organization of physical education and sports;

  • Optimizing the production and consumption of flour and bread in the country;

  • Designing and developing a system for inspecting and handling public complaints;

  • Study and recognition of the current situation of Kerman regional water and formulate research priorities in order to solve some problems and improve productivity;

  • Investigating the strategic dimensions of smuggling in the country;

  • Examining the assumptions of managers towards female employees working in the Ministry of Defense;

  • Evaluating the performance of the specialized staff of the Propaganda Office of Qom Seminary;

  • Investigating the feasibility and organization of Malayer furniture industrial cluster;

  • Survey on financing the municipality of Tehran;

  • Assessing the level of customer satisfaction with customs and the factors affecting it;

  • Investigating the optimal system of employing female employees in the existing jobs of organizations and centers of defense industries;

  • Human Resources Information System of Isfahan Steel Company.

Other centers affiliated with the faculty:

  1. Center for Office Health Promotion and Anti-Corruption Studies

  2. Center for Urban Studies

  3. Center for Islamic Management Studies

  4.  Family Management Center

  5.  Polling Center

  6.  Center for Media Management Studies

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