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Applied Training Center

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- Introduction

One of the important tasks of universities is to empower different sections of society and solve problems and requests of organizations and executive bodies of the country. Given the limited capacity of the formal education system, the creation and development of diverse streams of general and specialized education in universities is essential. With this in mind, the Free Vocational Training Center of the Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, has been set up with the aim of raising the awareness of the country's managers and developing the quality of management skills. In recent years, due to the growing needs of society for knowledge and professional and applied management skills, the center has taken MBA , DBA and short-term courses more seriously with the aim of improving the level of knowledge and expertise of employees of institutions. Is.


- vision

Leading in training and raising awareness of management knowledge in the country, in accordance with the needs of society and achieving the position of the best center of professional and applied management training in the country



  • Creating value in national and international arenas by training managers and professional experts and updating their knowledge and management skills

  • -Targets

  • Retraining and supplementary education for graduates of universities and higher education institutions

  • Single lesson training for applicants

  • Education based on the needs and demands of the community

  • Education based on new trends in educational topics in a specialized and practical way in the labor market and industry

  • In-service training for employees of governmental and non-governmental organizations

  • Training of specialized and comparative courses with professional functions


- Strategies

  • Non-parallel work with formal trainings: Free training courses are non-formal courses that are implemented in a specialized and practical way and the programs of this course do not comply with formal trainings.

  • Holding in-person and part-time: The free training course of this center can be implemented both in-person and part-time.

  • Utilizing experienced professors of Tehran University and other universities: The approach of applied science training courses of the Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, is to employ university faculty members and experienced professors in order to better prepare students at different job levels in society. These courses are intended to prepare as many managers and employees of various public and private organizations as possible.

Practical and professionalism of the courses: The courses held by the Vocational Training Center are fully practical, so that it is possible to use as much as possible of the educational materials to solve real problems and management challenges faced in the workplace. Provided by participants.

Providing the possibility of holding courses in the place of organizations: Among the activities of this center, it is possible to hold specialized specialized courses in the place of organizations and private and government offices, such as Nek, automotive industries, municipalities, etc. ... Cited.

  • Awarding a certificate of participation in the courses: At the end of each course, the participants of the training courses and specialized seminars held by the center will be awarded a valid certificate of participation in the training courses by the University of Tehran.

  • Use of modern educational methods: In order for the courses to be practical, new educational methods and expressions such as game-making software, simulation, case studies, etc. have been tried as much as possible. The courses were held in accordance with the needs and requirements of each public and private organization in a completely flexible manner.

  • Effective interaction with other educational institutions: Vocational Training Center of the School of Management as a superior educational hub and platform in the field of management and also in order to use the maximum capacity and capabilities of other educational institutions in the country, the possibility of effective participation and cooperation in seminars and courses Has a new tutorial. For example, we can cooperate with organizations to hold specialized international conferences, such as cooperation in holding the Second World Management Forum and the World Advertising Forum, concluding specialized contracts with organizations and institutions, cooperating with educational institutions in the field of conducting specialized courses and Holding MBA and DBA courses can be considered among the activities performed in front of this training center.


- Admission process in the training courses of the Professional Management Training Center

  • Enrollment in all training courses of the Vocational Training Center, School of Management is possible only through the following websites:

1- Enrollment in MBA and DBA courses at the Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

Candidates will be invited for an interview after the initial registration on the center's website at , and the final registration of the candidates is subject to acceptance in the interview.

For telephone consultation or further information telephone number 88332920  or 88333117 please contact us.

2- Registration for part-time MBA and DBA courses in the Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

 To register at See.

Also, for more information, please call 22136764.

3- Enrollment in MBA courses in  human resources of the Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

Candidates   will be invited for an interview after registering on WWW.POSTMBA.IR .

4- Enrolling in the DBA Digital Transformation course at the Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

Candidates  will be invited for an interview after registering on WWW.DIGITALDBA.IR

Contact numbers: 88229901 - 88220537


It should be noted that for admission to short-term courses, there is no need to conduct an interview, and for more information, please call 021-88003087 .



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محمدیان- ایوب

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