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Business Research Laboratory of the Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, with the aim of creating a platform for laboratory studies in the field of management and economics in September 2017 with the efforts of faculty members and with the financial cooperation of Tehran University Science and Technology Park at the Faculty of Management, University of Tehran. The third floor of Al-Ghadir building was constructed and commissioned. This laboratory, with its diverse and up-to-date hardware and software facilities, allows researchers to study and analyze the behavior of various stakeholders, such as employees and customers, and apply knowledge-based practical solutions to business owners and decision makers. Offer in various areas of management It should be noted that this laboratory is the first laboratory with advanced equipment and in The universities of the balance of the world would be that in the field of management and economics at the School of Management University of Tehran and the country 's beginning to work and there. This laboratory has been built on a computer site with 33 systems connected through a network and software facilities .

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The Business Research Laboratory has made it possible for researchers to conduct research in various fields of behavioral sciences, including :  

Decision Making / Consumer Behavior / Organizational Behavior / Behavioral Operations Management / Behavioral Economics Advertising Pricing / Product Design & Packaging / Environmental Design / User Experience

Advantages of Business Research Laboratory, University of Tehran :

For business owners :

        Better understanding of customers and consumers helps decision makers in organizations to minimize the amount of decision error by considering the expectations and reactions of the audience and to present their products and services in the best way. The Business Research Laboratory of the University of Tehran, in order to link industry and university, is a platform for interaction between researchers and decision makers of organizations to improve business decisions by combining knowledge and productivity experience .

For professors and students :

       The hardware and software facilities of the Business Research Laboratory of the University of Tehran have made it possible for researchers to take a big step towards improving knowledge and helping organizations by designing and conducting behavioral experiments .

For citizens and those interested in participating in scientific research :

Participants in scientific studies play an important role in promoting science and helping businesses. Those interested in participating in the research of the Business Research Laboratory can fill in the application form and submit their information to be invited to participate in the research of the Business Laboratory of the University of Tehran .



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هندیجانی- رزا

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