Student Conduct Office

The hints of profiting from facilities belonging to the Student welfare fund

Peculiar the day students majoring in higher education centers

The management faculty affiliated with university of Tehran as well as success wish for you dear students, draw your attention to following points in order to take advantages of Student welfare fund :

Different kinds of facilities:

  • Student loan
  • Mortgage loan
  • Urgent loan
  • Urgent loan for unanticipated incidents
  • Urgent loan for athletic hero
  • Student and urgent loan for brilliant students
  • Accommodation deposit loan for married ones
  • The loan for pilgrimage to Mecca and holy places in Iraq
  • The loan for particular cases

The terms of benefiting from facilities:

  1. The General terms of loan recipients
    1. Owning priority over financial urgency( recognized by the honorable deputy of Student conduct Office)
    2. Having moral competence and observing student authorities
    3. Not to use scholarship , assistance or the loan of the other institutes
    4. Not to be employed and get paid ( with the exception of student job)
  2. The academic provisions of loan recipients
    1. Educating as the fulltime student

      Note : A student is counted fulltime provided that he has taken a minimum of essential credits by academic rule. As long as the student is on his last semester taking the half of it suffices.

    2. not to be placed on academic probation in two previous semesters

      Note1: The loan will be allotted to the fresher in first and second semester without taking average into consideration.

      Note2: The students getting placed on academic probation for two successive semesters will be taken off any loan in the next conditional semester. Certainly providing the recognition of the special occasion or the university education committee based on being permissible for pursuing student's education , allotting the student and mortgage loan is acceptable.

The permitted academic years to use student loan are as follows:

  • Continues Bachelor's degree for at most four academic years (8 semesters)
  • Discontinues Master's degree for two years (4 semesters)
  • Discontinues Doctorate for four academic years (8 semesters) The amount of student loan for singles is 3,375,000 rial for one semester

The amount of student loan for singles is 3,375,000 rial for one semester

The amount of student loan for married students is 4,725,000 rial for one semester

The steps of assuming the loan

  1. Referring to the faculty loan affairs and filling out the request application belonging to each loan
  2. Documenting following papers providing request confirmation
    • The Identity card and note book and their copies
    • The student card and its copy
    • The notarial warrant by the valid guarantor ( the fresher requesting student loan is permitted to hand over mentioned document by the second semester of that year)
  3. Giving special documents relevant to any types of loan based on related tables
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