Phone Book

Direct Contact Help:

To contact any of the phones,dial 6111 and then dial desired number. It will be connected directly to the desired Unit. For example, the number 61117630, will be connected directly to the Office of the Faculty Chief (7630) .
Responsible Full Name Unit Name Phone
Tavakoli nia Entesharat 7637
Yegane Edari 7752
Bakhshi Edari 7614
Hosein Adosi Omor Mali 7781
Mansour Tavakoli nia entesharat 7637
Dr. Estiri Department of Human Resource Management 7724
Warehouse Executive 7692
Infrastructure Executive 7694
Teaching financial Academic 7797
Deputy Office Academic 7645
Graduate Administration Academic 7732-7735
Ph.D. Learning Expert Academic 7734
Financial Management Expert Academic 7606
Governmental Administration Expert Academic 7680
Business Administration Expert Academic 7717
Industrial Management and Accounting Expert Academic 7706
Transfers Expert Academic 7768
Responsible for Virtual Learning Academic 7761-7784-7744-7711
Virtual Learning Expert Academic 7770
Curator of classes Academic 7601
Academic Archive Academic 7762
Department secretary room Academic 7780
Got Talent Academic 7718
Applied courses Academic 7720
The librarian Academic 7603
Listing Academic 7715
Preparation Academic 7627
Thesis and Reference Academic 7679
Trusteeship Table Academic 7678
Responsible for Site Academic 7702
Undergraduate Site Academic 7704
Research Expert Academic 7634
International relations Expert Academic 7686
Responsible for Journals Office Academic 7637
Responsible for audiovisual Academic 7650
meeting and conference Secretariat Academic 7708
Hall control room Academic 7707
Practical Research Center Academic 7612
Applied researches Experts Office Academic 7669
Applied researches Expert Academic 7677
Library Expert Academic 7628
MA Education Expert Academic 7733-7766-7764-7620-7740-7643-7765
professors and graduate Site Academic 7693-7703-7690-7750
Deputy Office Executive 7644
Responsible for personnel and welfare Executive 7614
Liable Accounting Executive 7639
Accounting Executive 7781-7649
Responsible for Secretariat Executive 7638
Pony Affairs Expert Executive 7659
Student Affairs and loans Expert Executive 7714
Student Affairs and loans Expert Executive 7730
Automation Nourishment Executive 7668
Responsible for Cultural Affairs and Sport Executive 7671
Bodybuilding Salon Executive 7719
Brothers Basij Student Executive 7607
Sisters Basij Student Executive 7688
Students Scientific Community Executive 7705
Islamic Association of Independent brothers Executive 7602
Islamic Association of Independent Sisters Executive 7754
Student Counseling Executive 7646
Responsible for Public Affairs Executive 7691
Transfers Executive 7685
The main door Security Executive 7632-7687
Printing and Reproduction Executive 7667-7695
Gardening Executive 7672
Head of Administrative Department Executive 7752
Warehouse Keeper Executive 7626
Responsible for Student Affairs Executive 7798
Student Affairs and loans Expert Executive 7659
Physical Education Expert Executive 7608
Shohada Gym Executive 7747
Dean Office Service Executive 7641
Professors Service Executive 7683
North Building Service Executive 7613
Library Service Executive 7712
Alghadir ground level Service Executive 7709
South Building Service Executive 7656
Administrative Service Executive 7767
Graduate Service Executive 7767
Service-4th floor Building Imam Reza Executive 7772
Service-5th floor   Building Imam Reza Executive 7756
Dr. Taleghani Department of Governmental Administration 7648
Dr. Taslimi Department of Governmental Administration 7741
Dr. Salmani Department of Governmental Administration 7667
Dr. Monavariyan Department of Governmental Administration 7662
Dr. Moghimi Department of Governmental Administration 7640
Dr. Amiri Department of Governmental Administration 7663
Dr. Ayoubi Department of Governmental Administration 7722
Dr. Pirannejad Department of Governmental Administration 7782
Dr. Abasi Department of Governmental Administration 7785
Dr. Nargesiyan Department of Governmental Administration 7635
Dr. Vaezi Department of Governmental Administration 7758
Dr. Rahmatolah gholipoor Department of Governmental Administration 7605
Dr. Jafarnejad Department of Industrial Management 7651
Dr. Mehregan Department of Industrial Management 7676
Dr. Mohagher Department of Industrial Management 7742
Dr. Razavi Department of Industrial Management 7670
Dr. Asgharizade Department of Industrial Management 7655
Dr. Momeni Department of Industrial Management 7658
Dr. Safari Department of Industrial Management 7653
Dr. Mokhtarzade Department of Industrial Management 7625
Dr. Kazemi Department of Industrial Management 7771
Dr. Taghizadeh Department of Industrial Management 7761
Dr. Sadeghi moghadam Department of Industrial Management 7681
Dr. Jalil Heydari Department of Industrial Management 7686
Dr. Manian Departments of IT Management 7619
Dr. Mousakhani Departments of IT Management 7617
Dr. Sohrabi Departments of IT Management 7788
Dr. Shami Departments of IT Management 7661
Dr. Nemati Departments of IT Management 7776
Dr. Moini Departments of IT Management 7776
Dr. Rohani Departments of IT Management 7606
Dr. Mohammadian Departments of IT Management 7698
Dr. Nikbakht Department of Accounting 7689
Dr. Kave Mehrani Department of Accounting 7623
Dr. Sasan Mehrani Department of Accounting 7666
Dr. Karami Department of Accounting 7697
Dr. Ebrahimi Department of Accounting 7774
Dr. Mashayekhi Department of Accounting 7787
Dr. Tahriri Department of Accounting 7759
Dr. Moradi Department of Accounting 7795
Dr. Bajelan Department of Financial Management 7738
Dr. Evazloo Department of Financial Management 7721
Dr. Haghighi Department of Business Management 7609
Dr. Hasangholipoor Department of Business Management 7763
Dr. Dinavandi Department of Business Management 7674
Dr. Mira Department of Business Management 7615
Dr. Aghazade Department of Business Management 7624
Dr. Nazari Department of Business Management 7652
Dr. Roshandel Department of Business Management 7725
Dr. Esfidani Department of Business Management 7779
Dr. Sharifi Department of Business Management 7786
Dr. Niknejad Department of Business Management 7724
Dr. Raei Department of Financial Management 7621
Dr. Tehrani Department of Financial Management 7675
Dr. Vahid Mahmoodi Department of Financial Management 7775
Dr. Mohammadi Department of Financial Management 7748
Dr. Shirkond Department of Financial Management 7746
Dr. Falahpoor Department of Financial Management 7743
Dr. Poorebrahim Department of Financial Management 7647
Dr. Seyedjavadin Department of Human Resource Management 7673
Dr. Fayazi Department of Human Resource Management 7783
Dr. Amin Department of Human Resource Management 7684
Dr. Tanaomi Department of Human Resource Management 7664
Dr. Arian Gholipoor Department of Human Resource Management 7745
Dr. Poorezat Department of Islamic Studies 7665
Dr. Mokhtarianpoor Department of Islamic Studies 7796
Dr. Taheri Department of Islamic Studies 7611
Dr. Ali Heydari Department of MBA‏ 7757
Dr. Ansari Department of MBA‏ 7699
Dr. Khanlori Department of MBA‏ 7794
Dr. Shahhoseini Department of MBA‏ 7789
Dr. Vares Department of MBA‏ 7728
Dr. Hajiheydari Department of MBA‏ 7726
Dr. Keymasi Department of MBA‏ 7749
Responsible ChiefArea 7629-7630

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