Departments of IT Management

IT department presentation

This department has commenced activities with student admission in master degree , and at present it accepts student in the orientations of information resource management , advanced information systems, total quality management.

The empower faculty members of this department consists of :

  1. professor
  2. Associate professor
  3. Assistant professor

Challenging competitions among organizations by means of information and communication technology has greatly complicated competitive environment.

The management dependent upon applications and information technology and intelligent management based on information and skilled force are the main sources of today and tomorrow strength.

Magnificent changes in information technology has made the further revolution in economy , management and society.

particularly , the integration between information and communication technology and sum mentioned subjects such as electronic commerce , electronic occupation and electronic government ,has enhanced proceeding to information technology management .

IT department objectives are as follows :

Training expert human force on the field of leading and managing Information technology related offices and also basis on project management and information technology designs in organizations .

Scientific approach basis on fundamental , developed and practical research in information technology systems .

The possibility of consultation among the directors of executive organizations on the field of strategic program , design , development and assessment of information technology systems .

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