Information Technology

Information technology department of the faculty of management has commenced activities since 1368 by using only 3 computers .at present this department has undertaken to maintain , back up and manage all existing soft and hardware of the faculty by fully equipping diverse administrative ,academic and research departments of the faculty with computer supplies , and according to desired facilities and its abilities , it 's considered as one of the largest and the most powerful centers of the computer services among the faculties of the university of Tehran .

The tasks of the Information Technology Department

this department offers the Tasks and services as two main subjects including following instances:

  1. Academic and research affairs
  2. maintenance ,management and support affairs

1-Academic and research affairs

This section consists of three computer halls ,one language laboratory and one IT center. The activities of these three sections are as follows:

  • to maintain and manage 137 computers in three independent halls (for the students in bachelor ,master and PHD degree) 21 computers in IT center and 31 ones in language laboratory.
  • to Provide and install interdisciplinary and global software relating to accounting , management and information technology , and upgrade them to the latest versions .
  • to collaborate with software companies in order to install and utilize software produced by them in the conspectus of academic fields of the faculty like Novin World application which is the professional software of accounting and financial management in order to use stock exchange facts.
  • to repair all the supplies of the different halls, IT center and language laboratory.
  • to manage and upgrade the website data of the faculty
  • to organize and exchange the entire hardware equipment required for the classes ,meetings and the important occasions of the faculty .
  • to back up the network applications of the university of Tehran (automation , corporate academic system ,financial and research )
  • to support network applications of academic dead records
  • to support virtual training (hard and soft ware repairing and maintenance ,and communicating with university)
  • to select the students 'credit in the hall And assist them to select credit
  • remove and add students ' credit in the hall
  • to organize mock examinations .
  • to provide ,install and set up the equipment to enroll PHD , master, virtual master and bachelor fresher.
  • to expand the internet and intranet in the diverse administrative ,training , and research affairs of the faculty)
  • to support , install and set up internet and necessary applications for seminars and proposal (PHD and master degree)
  • to reply the professors , staff and students(Automation , corporate academic system ,financial and research )
  • to provide computer parts and the variety of network equipment and distribute them among demandants (professors , staff and hall)
  • to hold student academic and research classes in language laboratory and IT center .
  • to hold practical research classes in language laboratory and IT center .
  • to organize the examinations through the (Eview entrprs,Spss,Matlab ,Expert choice applications) in Language laboratory and IT center.
  • to support and reply in all academic administrative and research affairs as soon as possible.
  • to install and set up hard and software of the PHD, Master and bachelor halls ) Language lab and IT center

2-maintenance ,management and support affairs

  • to make and save network communication of the faculty with the network of the university through informatics center .
  • to making and save internet connection among the faculty and informatics center .
  • to upgrade the entire diverse equipment and applications delivered by the informatics center to the faculties.
  • to manage , maintain the library Azarakhsh network .
  • to manage , maintain, support and repair the entire computer equipment of the faculty )
  • to provide technical identifications of the entire soft and hardware equipment of the diverse sections of the faculty in order to purchase , install and set them up in network)
  • to Software and hardware repair all the existing computers in the faculty.
  • To Design and install and set up the network in different sections of the faculty.

Investigate , test and buy the hardware parts

  1. hub
  2. network switch
  3. fiber switch
  4. computer parts
  5. variety of printers and scanners
  6. diversity of network equipment
  7. variety of wireless switches

Different kinds of Operating system

  • windows xp
  • windows 7
  • windows server 2003-2008
  • windows 8.1

Installing diverse applications

Supporting internet and intranet of the faculty

Installing and setting up the existing servers in the faculty

Installing and setting up diverse existing printers and scanners in the faculty.

Installing , setting up and communicating the variety of network switches in the faculty

Installing , setting up and connecting diverse wireless switches in the faculty

Overseeing the status of wireless switches related to the Internet

Monitoring the status of the switches used in the faculty

Troubleshooting network and hardware and solving them

Controlling and examining the connection of the network of the faculty with the university , and solving existing defects and obstacles .

Organizing network systems and defining diverse IPs with different ranges in the faculty , integrating and regulating them .

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