Cultural Affairs

Faculty Cultural office is committed to overseeing all programs including religious , scientific , national done by scientific council ,entities and even by the Cultural Office it self.

Cultural programs are primarily requested by committees and then all of them get investigated and in the case of becoming ratified they will get applicable by the association named cultural committee contained in dean , scientific deputy , the assistant of executive and student conduct office ,cultural director , the member of entity associated with supreme leader, a representative behalf of mobilized group and one behalf of Islamic committee..

The highlights of cultural activities are briefly as follows :

  • Overseeing and coordination on all religious rites and scientific programs
  • Supervising and arranging for the purpose of distributing publications having university authorization ,collecting publications missing authorization in faculty campus and also cooperating with university publication committee.
  • overseeing and coordination for sake of presenting and criticizing movie
  • Overseeing and coordination on diverse exhibitions (Quran and book exhibition)
  • Overseeing and arranging for curricular classes
  • Overseeing and arranging on recreational and pilgrimaged excursion scientific tour and also the camping for fresher
  • invitation from cultural committee members and preparing cultural proceedings of university
  • informing the student with regard to filling out the application on the subject of brilliant student , collecting documents and investigating them and also coordinating for making regulatory committee for selecting bright students and announcing consequence to the university.
  • Recording all activities in the portal of sciences ministry
  • Coordinating with central organization and regulatory committee regarding political cultural program

Different sections of cultural office

The director section Tell
Doctor Shahani shalmani Student advisory 61117711
  The mobilized group of male students 61117607
  The mobilized group of female students 61117688
  Male Islamic committee 61117646
  Female Islamic committee 61117646
  Scientific committee of students 61117705
  Male independent Islamic committee 61117602
  Female independent Islamic committee 61117754

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