Administrative And Welfare

The presentation of Faculty Administration Office

implementation of official, imployment and executive affairs to staff and faculty members and providing them some part of welfare services over on- the-job time are under taken by this office.

Since in innovative management ,the Human Resources has the special place , the efforts of this entity can play an important role to raise the efficiency and staff's incentive aimed at achieving individual , team, organizational objectives through providing healthy and equitable atmosphere.


*Implementation of employment and official policies and execution of approved provisions

*Carrying out appointment affairs of the faculty members and the other staff

*Setting up in-service training courses for the academic employees excluding faculty members

*Help to raise and develop individuals' talents and skills

*Preparation of Human resource information and statistic

*Permanent and temporary evaluation of personnel's operation excluding faculty members and using principle on the basis of it

*Participation in policy and strategy affairs and determining about faculty human force

*Cooperation in permanent up to date of information of web oriented systems of labor office

*Constant control and overseeing on employees' attendance and non- attendance Excluding faculty members

*All matters related to the record of personnel's passage and leaves

*The relevant affairs to job advancement

*The Affairs related to alteration of professors' situation

*Decrees issuance for internal and external mission

* Order issuance for internal appointment of the faculty

*Deliberation and presentation of legal solutions to the personnel

*Issuance of evidences of being occupied

*Conduction of affairs related to personnel

*Providing some welfare services such as relevant affairs to the bank facilities

*Implementation of welfare affairs of academic employees and professors

*The affairs relevant to Medical insurance including the receipt of loss declaration , inspection of documents and obviation of shortcomings ,sending to central insurance of the faculty in order to receive compensation and informing employees regarding putting money into account and circular letters of insurance.

*Affairs related to employees' vacation

*Implementation of camping plans or tours peculiar to employees

*Affairs relevant to pecuniary and non- financial packages of personnel And necessary collaboration with welfare office of faculty about it

*Exportation and receipt of letters

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